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Retinal Camera Training for Primary Health Care Workers (ONLINE)

Colina Waddell
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This course is designed for primary health care workers to enable you to:
- Describe how diabetes affects the eyes
- Take retinal photographs for the detection of eye disease due to diabetes
- Incorporate retinal photography in your health service, increasing awareness of the impact of diabetes on eye health


The Retinal Camera Training for Primary Care Workers online course aims to provide primary health care workers with the tools to assess vision (visual acuity) and discuss diabetic eye disease with patients, assisted by retinal photographs.

Learning Outcomes

After completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • describe how diabetes affects the eyes
  • measure and record visual acuity
  • use retinal photography as a tool for patient education
Please note that these modules were originally developed as part of a combined training package, that included a face-to-face workshop. These workshops, also referred to in the modules, are to be held in 162 locations throughout Australia. The locations have been selected by the Australian Government Department of Health. You can view a complete up-to-date list of locations here.
For more information about the content of the modules and workshops, please email Colina Waddell at

The Retinal Camera Training for Primary Health Care Workers course is endorsed by the following organisation:

                                                                                    NAATSIHWP Endorsement Badge          

2 CPD Points (11 September 2023 - 11 September 2025)                                      2 CPD Points (20 September 2023 - 20 September 2024)

Funding for this course until December 2022 was provided by the Australian Government as part of the Provision of Eye Health and Equipment Training Program, continued funding is provided by the Brien Holden Vision Institute Foundation.
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Here is the course outline:

Course introduction

General information on the course structure and outcomes. This includes a pre-course survey, which must be completing prior to accessing the course materials.

Course content

Includes interactive modules, quiz and post-course survey.


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Retinal Camera Training for Primary Health Care Workers (ONLINE) certificate (2)
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