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Myopia Education Program

Course 1: Managing Myopia

Enrollment for this course is currently closed.

Managing Myopia will change the way you understand myopia, help you identify candidates at risk and empower you with the skills to better manage progressive myopia for your patients.


Managing Myopia will help you use the latest research and clinical procedures to successfully implement an appropriate myopia management plan for your patients.

This is the first course of a three course program. This online program connects you with global leaders in myopia management through instructional videos, interactive case studies and case-based discussions. Each course includes:

  • Self-paced independent learning, with support from global leaders when you need it
  • Online discussion forums
  • Course handouts – yours to keep
  • Certificate on completion

Course structure

The course is divided into 6 one-hour modules and includes:

  • 14 instructional videos
  • 8 interactive case studies
  • Case based discussion from global leaders in myopia management

You can start the course any time that suits you and then complete all course content during the six weeks after enrollment. Please be aware the course will close after this.


We are a trusted education provider and this course is accredited for continuing education points with:

  • Optometry Australia (OA) (12 CPD points)

Here is the course outline:


Learn about how the course works and ensure you are best placed for success.

Module 1

We discuss the scale of the problem we are facing with myopia and why we should aim to prevent myopia and slow its progression.

Module 2

We discuss the theoretical and practical aspects of creating a risk profile for the onset of myopia.

Module 3

We discuss behavioral advice to help reduce the onset of myopia, and begin to look at different interventions to manage progressive myopia.

Module 4

We continue to investigate different interventions to manage progressive myopia.

Module 5

Here we will discuss therapeutic interventions to manage progressive myopia, as well as looking at a clinical tool and some frequently asked questions.

Module 6

This module consists of a webinar recorded last year (1 hour duration). The panellists are Dr. Monica Jong, Kate Gifford, Dr. Xiaoying Zhu and Dr. Tom Aller.


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Managing Myopia certificate
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